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3 days of self love, self care & transformational rest.
Exploring the concepts of non-harm, truthfulness & non-stealing in your personal Yoga practice WITHOUT having to roll out your mat!

Live & on-demand | 3 x 30 min practice

Breathwork | Mindfulness | Self Reflection

Private Facebook Group | Zoom

27th - 29th December 2022 @ 6pm

Watch the video for more details & sign up for this FREE 3-Day Online Event taking place within the private Facebook Group & via Zoom by clicking the button below:


We all know what it's like this time of year, the Christmas parties & social events start ramping up (& remember the last 2 years have been pretty non-existent for socialising so there's gonna be even more invites this year!), Christmas shopping can be super stressful & self-care generally gets thrown out the window. AM I right or am I right???

Maybe this year you've promised yourself you won't let that happen, or maybe you haven't even given it a second thought because it's aaaaagggges away.... !!! Seriously though, it's really not!

Let me take some of the stress away this year. Let me help you prioritise your own self-care with 3 days of self love & transformational rest where we explore the concepts of non-harm, truthfulness & non-stealing without the need for our Yoga mats! That's right my friend, I'm taking you by the hand & guiding you through 3 Yoga practices over 3 evenings between the chaos of Christmas & New Year. You know that last week in December before the final celebration of the year, when most of us are still recovering from a crazy Christmas? Well how about doing it differently this year & putting yourself first with 3 evenings of self love, self care & transformational rest? 

You know you deserve it!

Image by Eugene Zhyvchik


Explore a breathing technique (prānāyama) designed to help you shift from "fight, flight or freeze" & into "rest & digest" mode during times of stress & anxiety. Day 1 is dedicated to breath work & being kind (Ahimsa) to ourselves during our practice.

Online Meditation


A guided meditation practice diving into the ways we constantly steal joy from ourselves & how we can build awareness around this in order to break the cycle. Understanding how non-stealing (Asteya) can lead us towards immense happiness.



Guiding you through a series of reflection & journal prompts for soul-led self study as we explore truthfulness (Satya) uniting prānāyama & meditation. This is union. This is Yoga & it is SO MUCH MORE than the physical!



Learn a little more about Yoga Philosophy by starting with the first 3 Yama (external harmony & ethical codes to live by) as we move through each practice)

Online Yoga


Join us in the private Facebook group every evening for the livestream. Not on Facebook? No worries! We'll also be streaming via Zoom , which can be easily downloaded here, or add the invitation from your confirmation email to your calendar & you'll find the Zoom link in there

Yoga in the Garden


Can't join us for the livestream? No worries! Catch the replay in the private Facebook group where they'll remain & if you're not on Facebook I'll send you the YouTube link within 24 hours so you can catch up in your own time.


Samantha Hale

Hi there Yoga friend!

I'm Samantha & I'm so excited to invite you to join me for my last FREE Online programme for 2022; the WELL REVOLUTION 2.0 where we'll be taking 30 minutes each day to reconnect to our breath with kindness (Ahimsa), explore how intuitive movement feels in our body with pure honesty (Satya) & mindful grounding without stealing joy (Asteya)

I've purposely scheduled this for the week between Christmas & New Year because it's usually a time when we feel a little deflated after the onslaught of Christmas & yet are still gearing up for the last big party of the year. It's a time when I know I love to slow down, take stock of the last 12 months & decide what habits I'd like to form ahead of the new year.

Give me 30 minutes a day for just 3 days & I'll give you so much more than breath work, Yoga & meditation alone. I'll give you the tools to overcome stressful situations, anxious feelings & self-sabotaging thoughts.



Click the link below to reserve your spot on this FREE Online programme

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