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Your Magick. Your Mindset

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! (Happy new Year!)

After letting myself go with the flow in 2021, I've come into 2022 with such a clear vision of what I want to achieve both in my life and my business. Thanks to going with the flow, I realised very quickly where I wanted to pour my energy and where I really did not, and that can only ever be a good thing in my book. For those of you who practice Yoga with me each week you'll know how much I love theming my practices, weaving some of the philosophy and traditions of Yoga into our asana practice; and 2022 is going to be much the same, with a new theme for us to focus on each month so that we can bring yoga off the mat and into our everyday lives.

Going back to my vision for 2022, I'm pouring all of my energy into the reason why I trained to be a Yoga teacher, managing Chronic-Stress! I've come to realise that my own experience of chronic-stress is deeply rooted in a traumatic experience that happened in my life some 12 years ago, and I'm still feeling it's residual effects on my physical body, my health and my mental wellness so I know I need to recenter my efforts and my attention on it for both my own growth as well as helping you with yours.

It felt so good last year to release control and go with the flow. To allow things in and say yes to pretty much everything that came my way. In doing so I got tired pretty quickly and could feel the warnings start to rear their ugly heads again and so I would go back to the drawing board and start to let the things go that didn't feel good. What a bloody privilege to be able to do that, huh? Every time I let something go I did so with an immensely grateful heart that I was in such a position to so early on in my self-employment.

Entering this year with a little more clarity on my vision, my goals and my focus for my business feels great because now I feel like I really have purpose and can bring more to the table with my offering and really go to town with it so you get SO MUCH more from me. With all of this in mind here's the theme for January:

Your Magick, Your Mindset

Over the next four weeks we'll focus on developing our own inner magick and our mindset to effectively manage our chronic-stress by breaking each week down as follows:

  1. Karuna (Compassion)

  2. Sattva Guna (Clarity)

  3. Saurya (Courage)

  4. Shanti (Peace)

As part of this I'll be sharing the following with you in each of our practices:

  • Playlist

  • Colour

  • Element

  • Breathing technique

  • Asana practice

  • Aromatherapy blend

  • Affirmation

Each Tuesday a new blog post will be published for you to discover a little more depth, information, knowledge and hopefully inspiration for our weekly focus. Every Sunday a new Yoga practice will be available on my YouTube channel so make sure you hit the like and subscribe button as well as the little bell so you always get the notification when a new video is published. I'll also be landing in your inbox every Monday from the 10th with a round up of the previous week's focus.

The first week of January is all about Karuna, which is Sanskrit for Compassion so stay tuned for Tuesday's blog post and if you practice with me in person then I'll see you on the mat. Remember to book your space here each week (Remember everyone gets their first class free in 2022 with the code "FIRSTFREE"), or subscribe for the month here so you know your space is reserved and you don't need to remember to book after each class. The subscription will automatically continue each month until you cancel it too. If you're more of an online flow kinda person then remember January is £12 instead of £24 and you can join here. If you're looking for something more focused then check out my new 6-week course, Yoga for Chronic-Stress starting in March. There's only 11 spaces because I like to keep things small and intimate.

Look at me making your life easier already! You're welcome boo.

See you on the mat soon

Stay Well



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