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Welcome to June

Hi Yoga friends

I hope you've enjoyed a wonderful & relaxing Jubilee weekend! I am so excited for this new month for so many different reasons...

  1. After TWO whole YEARS of procrastination & talking myself out of doing it, I FINALLY launched the WELL Revolution last month!

  2. Following this the WELL Membership launched immediately with doors opening tomorrow for our first live online Magickal Morning & Opening Circle for the month of June & I could not be happier & more grateful!

  3. This month sees the start of a free monthly Barre & Pilates video as well as a Yoga practice.

  4. I've become the uk's first & only current official POPFLEX activewear distributor!!

June's Theme

Our theme for June is spirals in nature, which I find particularly fascinating because they literally are everywhere! From the roses in my back garden that bloom in a specific sequence, to the waves of the ocean, to our very own muscles; each week we're going to break down these naturally occuring spirals with specific pranayama (breath), asana (physical practice of Yoga), hand mudra & guided meditation.

I cannot begin to tell you just how good it felt to roll out my mat, throw on some music & just move under the warm sun. I recorded the process for you because I feel like it's good to share my process of creating a "lesson plan".

Seriously, after taking some time away from this way of planning I felt so incredibly ready to dive back in & I'm beyond excited to share this practice with you in-person & online.

Our first practice, very much inspired by the way in which a rose blooms, will be available on YouTube next Sunday morning when I email it out to you in your weekly newsletter.

Until then make sure you take time for yourself this week. Not sure how? Sign up for the WELL Revolution. A FREE 5-day exploration into Yoga, Pilates & Barre as well as intention setting, breath work & guided meditation.

Join the WELL Revolution.

Gyda cariad a cwtch



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