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Welcome to August

Happy August! I really hope you're having a great start to the summer. July was such an amazing month with so many of you joining me for various experiences & events! From our Yoga beach day down on Southsea Beach to Sunset Yoga on the Downs up at Kingley Vale.

We explored the philosophies of Hatha Yoga, in-particular the teachings of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika & I thoroughly enjoyed sharing what I learned about the Nadi with you. Although it felt like a deep dive, we really did only scratch the surface & so if you want to further your own understanding I highly recommend giving this book a read - it'll blow your mind!

As we move into a new month, so too do we turn our awareness to some new concepts, philosophies & traditions as part of our weekly practice. Honestly, I can't wait! In our Sunrise Yoga practices we'll be learning to fly with inversions & arm balances, as we build on our previous playtime with Kakasana (crow pose), whilst in our Sunset Yoga we'll be delving into the philosophies of Yin Yoga, building on our exploration of Ida Nadi in-particular.

Over in the WELL Membership we'll be taking our Yoga off the mat, into our lives & weekly workouts as we cultivate a sense of courage to anchor to as well as building balance. We've grown into a lovely community in the WELL Membership & I absolutely LOVE seeing you every Monday for our Magickal Morning of intention setting. Our weekly Barre & Pilates workouts make me so happy as well. Our Yoga practice is sheer joy too. I really do love seeing you all live every morning & I hope you get everything you need from it as well.

If you're looking to deepen your Yoga practice, find your weekly workout fix with fun, choreographed Barre & pilates workouts, as well as begin your week right with an intentional & Magickal Morning, then come & join us over in the WELL Membership for as little as £1 a day!

What else is new for August? Well we have MORE dates for Yoga on the Downs that include Sunrise Yoga at the top of Kingley Vale on Saturday 13th, followed by another ascent on Wednesday 17th. We then have our Yoga beach day on the 24th & I'm thoroughly looking forward to all of them so if you'd like to join me clic the link below to check out all my events over the next month:

There's still space & I really do hope you'll join me for one of these experiences.

If it's been a while since you flowed with me then here's your perfect excuse to get back into the groove. Whether you're looking for a super chilled exploration of Yin during our Sunset Yoga or a fiery adventure into inversions & arm balances. Click the link below to book your space & remember to use the code "FriendsgoFREE".

Gyda cariad a cwtch



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