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The Fire Within

Updated: Mar 13

When we think of the elements, Fire, Water, Earth and Air; we often think of the human traits that we attribute to them, such as dualistic energies, connections to astrology and planets, personality and characteristics, event the tarot. When in all simplicity the elements have their own uniqueness and nuances, all within their own right and without the requirement of human connection.

It's human nature to want to humanise everything though because it makes it so much easier for us to understand, relate to and connect with. Consider for a moment however, that in doing so we miss the vastness of each element's spectrum.

"When working with the elements, you are accessing some of the primal forces and building blocks that are part and parcel of the ongoing process of creation. Just as sight and sound have a narrow band of sensitivity compared to the totality of what exists, your capacity to sense the powers of creation is also very narrow."

~ Ivo Dominguez Jr. The Four Elements of the Wise.

Have you given thought to the notion that your greatest ancestors were in fact, stars? All of their DNA is also found in your DNA and RNA. chemical compounds including Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon are each found in all living things, they surround us, they move within us, through us and outside of us. They also form the building blocks of the four elements, originally called "roots" or "fundaments" by the Greek poet Empedocles who stated they are the very thing "From which all things come into being".

Oxygen, for example, is found in the air we breathe and we draw it into our bodies via our lungs, thus Air becomes associated with the heart space, the very centre of the chest, Anahata Chakra. Hydrogen, found in water, plants, animals and humans is something we use every single day to cleanse our bodies both inside & out. We are 70% water and its rivers flow through us just like our emotions do, and it is through this that Water becomes associated with the seat of all human emotion, the Sacral space just below the naval, Svadisthana Chakra.

Carbon is not only found within all living things but also in inanimate objects as well such as plastic, rocks and sediments of the Earth. Unsurprisingly Earth is very much associated with our "Root", our sense of stability and security, Mūladhara Chakra. Fire releases Nitrogen in various forms and can either burn quickly and intensely or slowly and subtly. Fire connects to our internal power source; our Solar Plexus, Manipūra Chakra.

Knowing this, are you able to see just how their totality far exceeds the limitations of our own human awareness?

It is believed that the fifth element of Spirit or Ether (Metal in Traditional Chinese Medicine) is the element that governs over these 4 and so over the next 5 months we'll be diving into each element in great depth through Prānāyama, Āsana & of course our Meditation practices. But we'll also be exploring the philosophy behind each element, spending an entire month on each before delving into the concepts, belief systems and philosophies connected to the 5th element.

We're beginning with the element of Fire.

Often referred to as the ascending force because it naturally wants to rise up, Fire is also considered to be the original element from where everything else came but is this actually true? Fire can be a small tea light candle that gently flickers away in our lounge, creating a calming and cozy ambience to our living space. But it can also be a relentless, ruthless and devastating force, destroying entire communities, natural spaces and homes without discrimination.

At its very core Fire is truly transformative and often depicted alongside various deities connected to death and destruction. Think Siva and Kāli from the Hindu Culture. But what is death and destruction other than another form of transformation? Perhaps not the most comfortable or happiest to think of but it is still transformation none-the-less.

This month as we explore the element of Fire, become aware of where your attention naturally goes and then consider what might lie beyond the scope of your awareness. What is this energy and your awareness of it rooted in? How does this impact your personal practice?

Perhaps you're drawn to the digestive fires of your belly, the burning desires of Manipūra Chakra, the swirling energies of Samana Vayu or perhaps somewhere entirely different!

Although we may be focusing on Fire this month, consider how the other elements may also be at play in the background, expanding or restricting how you connect to that part of yourself and the Fire element.

This Month's Timetable

In this new Lunar month you'll receive 4 x NEW practices, 1 x LIVE practice and 1 x technical breakdown. I've also included additional practices from the library to deepen your personal connection to this month's theme. Please remember that all of these practices are entirely optional and whilst I hope you'll flow with me for each of them, please give yourself permission to take what you need and leave what you don't.

The practices in GOLD are BRAND NEW practices for this lunar month. All practices in NAVY have been chosen to COMPLEMENT the new practices. I think you'll enjoy flowing through these practices just as much as I've enjoyed creating them!

What to expect this month

Live Practice

We open this new Lunar month with our very first Live practice on Monday 20th March at 9am, diving into the philosophies associated with Fire element a little more. We'll connect to our breath with a dedicated Prānāyama practice before setting our monthly intentions.

Pre-recorded Yoga Practices

  • Awaken to Your Own Authority: Our 60 minute practice in week 1 is a spicy Mandala Vinyasa inspired by the story of Garuda, a Hindu demigod who was born half-boy, half-eagle and who represents awakening to your own authority in order to overcome the obstacles holding you back.

  • Step Into Your Power: Our 45 minute Power Yoga practice in week 2 sees us exploring the Gall Bladder meridian as we step into our power & establish our inner leader.

  • The Fire Within: Our 25 minute practice in week 4 sees us draw on the teachings of Hatha Yoga, in-particular the energies of Pingala Nadi, stoking our inner fire.

Full Moon Meditation

This month's guided Meditation is one of honouring the subtle flame within whilst also acknowledging the sweeping fire that burns within all of us; A fire that will never go out and a fire that we can learn to understand, control and work with.

Technical Breakdown

This month we'll be getting to know Garudāsana much more. Also known as "Eagle Pose", Garudāsana can feel somewhat restrictive and challenging, but it can also feel strong and empowering. Garudāsana stretches the shoulders and outer thighs, whilst also requiring much core stability and strength for balance.


Here's your playlist available in Spotify, perfect for listening to whilst flowing to each of these practices

Journal Prompts

I've created a workbook for you to use over the next 4 months with key journal prompts and affirmations to guide you on this journey. If you're already subscribed to my monthly newsletter you'll have already received this in last week's email. You can also click the button below and I'll send it to you (Be sure to check your junk box!).

For those of you who haven't yet joined the Soul Alchemy Family, I haven't forgotten you!

Your FREE monthly practice goes LIVE and will land in your inbox on 31st March and is a 20 minute Vinyasa practice dedicated to The Fire Within.

See you on the mat soon!

Gyda cariad a cwtch



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