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Starting My New Wellness Journey

Today I began my new Wellness journey by incorporating the PIIT28 program into my daily fitness routine. I’ve also started a 28 day vegan reset today where the following food groups are eliminated for the full duration:



Processed Grains

This reset is plant based, which I love because when I’m really good I love to follow a plant based lifestyle and I feel like this reset is going to give me the impetus I need to stock with a plant based lifestyle long term. my plan is document my progress every day in order to log my food and workouts, and more importantly my wellbeing and how I’m feeling

PIIT28 was created by Cassey Ho, the genius behind POP Pilates, which I’ve been teaching almost on a daily basis for the last 6 weeks now. PIIT stands for Pilates Intense Interval Training and afternoon today’s workout, I can confirm that it is indeed intense!

In addition to this I’m following the Mindful May calendar, which is all about taking at least one moment every day for yourself to bring you back into the present moment. I’ll be sharing that here with you too

So this is day 1 and I’m feeling pretty good, although I am rather headachey, which is to be expected since my body will be detoxing, I just wasn’t expecting it on day 1. Here’s hoping that it’s gone by tomorrow and doesn’t come back haha

As part of #MindfulMay I set myself the following 3 inspired actions to focus on:

~ Begin with an stick to PIIT28 and the 28 day reset

~ Focus my meditation rituals on the moon phases to bring more power to them

~ Take 1 moment each day to meditate

It’s so important to have a strong “why” attached to every goal we set ourselves because without that strong ”why” it’s even harder to stick with it when we want to give up. I decided to try PIIT28 and the reset because as much as I workout and try to be healthy I do find it very easy to eat vegan junk food and I’m determined to be fittest, strongest and healthiest this year. Only, unlike everyone other year when I’ve said this to myself, now I actually have the drive and determination. I want to look back on December 31st and say “I DID IT!”, and I know that this programme is going to help me get there by giving me a super strong kickstart

Meditation is something I love and have practiced on and off for a few years now. When I get into it I can meditate for around 30 minutes so this year I’d love to get up to an hour. unlike riding a bike, when you stop meditating you have to start from the beginning again, or at least I do anyway. I can’t just go in and meditate for half an hour after an entire month or so of not doing any meditation at all! I’m currently at 15 minutes and today was especially powerful because when my alarm went off I wasn’t quite ready to come back to myself so tomorrow I’ll try for 20 minutes and see how I get on. Maybe I’ll do a meditation challenge one month so we can all meditate together ...

If you want to join in with the #MindfulMay calendar just click the link below, enter your email address and I’ll send it straight to your inbox

Mindful May Calendar

Okay onto the food and workouts from today...

breakfast was really good, apple chia parfait and look! It’s in a jumbo coconut bowl, which my sister bought me as a surprise gift! I was so happy when it arrived, it was so unexpected and I love it, I have literally wanted one of these for so long!

I’m doing this programme with my mum and sister and she shared a similar image on our Instagram foodie blog; @welshvegansisters how yummy does it look in a big mason jar? Presentation really is part of the whole meantime process and honestly I only left this to stand for 20 minutes and it tasted SO GOOD!! Just the right amount of sweetness, and actually really filling, which was a nice surprise because I genuinely didn’t think it would be enough but it was good!

For my mid-morning snack I had banana slices with peanut butter and a super seed mix. Now I hate nut butters, I don’t get the hype at all, they’re weird in texture and they’re just not sweet enough for me plus I hate that they stick to the inside of my mouth and my teeth. They actually make me gag so I was really dubious about this but I bought an almond butter spread made with coconut in the hope it would be sweet, and I have to say I was suitably impressed! I would even go so far as to say that I would buy this again. It’s the nicest but butter I’ve ever eaten and I put it down to the inclusion of coconut

I also made myself a Moringa latte instead of my usual cup of tea and that too did not disappoint. I honestly wasn’t holding out much hope at all for this one but it really did satiate my craving for a cup of tea. I’ve shared the recipe below in case you wanna try:

~ 1 tsp Moringa powder

~ 1 tbsp water

~ 1 cup Almond milk (use the cup you intend to drink out of to measure this)

~ 1 tsp agave nectar


put your almond milk into a saucepan and heat on the hob bringing to a simmer Mix your Moringa powder and water whilst the milk is warming so the powder is completely dissolved and a paste is formed

Add in your agave nectar

Pour in the hot milk and stir well


Now I ate my lunch rather late and am snacking as I type so I probably won’t eat dinner, which is weird since I love to eat food and it takes a lot for me to fill up. Yep I’m surprised too! Anyway, here’s lunch

Red lentil soup with carrots and celery. I really love cooked celery! Normally I’d have to have some toasted sourdough with my soup but this was satisfying enough on its own and super tasty as well

This is my snack; Edamame hummus with veggie sticks. Now I love green food, it makes me so happy and I know I’m totally on my own here but I LOVE IT! However, as yummy as this looks to me it was a bit bland, I feel like it needs more of a kick so I’m gonna experiment with this recipe after the reset because I like hummus in general and I used to make my own all the time but I’ve got out of the habit in recent years so I’m up for playing with this one until I get it spot on

Matt and I are watching Hot Fuzz tonight so I’m gonna make myself a Moringa latte and settle down for some bulldog snuggles

Stay Well



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