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This week I’ve spent more time in my garden observing my plants & flowers now the weather is changing & we’ve had so much rain after so much heat. We’re very fortunate because we have a water butt so even though it was so dry for a while last month we were still able to water our plants with ease. Plus we have fish tanks so every water change we do we save the water that’s full of nitrates & feeds the plants as well.

I noticed with all the rain last week there were mushrooms growing in a few of my pots & other than physically pulling them out I’m not sure what else I can do because it’s the perfect conditions for mushrooms to grow. Any keen gardeners out there have any tips that don’t include chemical weed killers, hit me up in the comments below?

My Olivia Rose Austin has flourished this month! I’ll be honest I pruned my roses back too much after their first bloom this season & I ended up with so many leaves - lesson learnt there! I just get so many aphids each year but now we have more flowers & plants I’m hoping that will attract more natural predators next year to keep the aphids down. We also had loads of caterpillars but since I’ve not seen as many butterflies over the years I couldn’t bring myself to do anything about them either so lo & behold I ended up with many of my leaves looking a bit raggedy. Again any tips that don’t involved chemical pesticides, let me know in the comments below.

My Silas Marner is new this year so we had a couple of flowers but he’ll be setting down his roots now ready for next year. I got him earlier this year in memory of my grandad Silas who we lost last Summer. He loved gardening & his rose bushes were the most beautiful I’ve ever seen so when I spend time in my garden I feel much closer to him. To both my grandads actually. My grandad Les was always in his garden tending to his fruit, veg, damson trees & the lavender lining his driveway. The smell of lavender always takes me back to my childhood & spending time with him in his garden in the summer holidays.

When the flowers start to die off I dead head them & give them to the bunnies. They’re a real treat. Bunnies absolutely love rose petals & it means there’s no waste. We’ve been getting a beautiful bengal visit us almost on a daily basis & he’s very interested in our bunnies, who are safe by the way, but there was a cat collar inside their run, which means he’s really tried to get in. We’ve put a trellis across the top, which I’m going to start guiding the sweet jasmine to grow over & hopefully it’ll start to put him off & look pretty at the same time.

I found this super cool app a while back called picture this which I’ve linked to in the caption. It’s a annual fee of £29.99 & it’s pretty cool because it can help you to identify almost any plants, flowers, herb or tree. You can even use it to keep track of how your plants are doing, set reminders for when they need watering & generally ensure they really thrive. This isn't an ad by the way, I just really love this app as a newbie gardener.

I planted some tomato & pepper seeds about 6 weeks ago. Late to the party I know but here we are. The tomatoes didn’t happen but the peppers are sprouting so I figured I’d take a minute to repot them. I’m so pleased! Not sure if we’ll get any peppers this year but hopefully for next year.

Either my own cat, Lila or the bengal are using my peony pit as their toilet. I got an entire poo bag full of cat poo that had been buried so if anyone has any tips as to how I can stop them that would be much appreciated!

I’d love to know do you enjoy gardening? What’s your favourite flower? Do you have a plant or flower you’ve grown that you're most proud of? Let me know in the comments below!

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Gyda cariad a cwtch



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