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Is This Goodbye... ?

...Well in a way, yes; It's goodbye to WELL with Samantha and hello to my most Soul-Led offering yet...

Soul Alchemy is your PERSONAL online SPACE to establish & deepen YOUR Yoga practice. Give yourself permission to consciously BREATHE air into your lungs, CONNECT to your innermost Self, compassionately FLOW through your weekly practice & watch yourself EVOLVE with inspiring monthly themes.

Each month I'll be sharing a BRAND NEW inspiring practice every Thursday with you, including:

  • 60 min Yoga

  • 45 min Yoga

  • 20 - 30 min Yoga

  • Guided meditation every Full Moon

  • 45 - 60 min LIVE practice during the New Moon phase

  • Technical breakdown of a specific āsana linked to our monthly theme

There'll also be an inspiring Spotify playlist to listen to during your practices, as well as a workbook, which will include affirmations & journal prompts to deepen your own experience on this journey.

For those of you who haven't yet joined the Soul Alchemy Family, I haven't forgotten you!

You'll also have access to this month's playlist, the Soul Alchemy workbook, timetable & you even get a BRAND NEW Yoga practice EVERY MONTH too!

After qualifying as a Pilates & Yoga Teacher over 2 years ago, I've played around with my offerings SO MUCH in terms of location, style, events and retreats, and after launching my online membership little under 1 year ago, I feel like I've finally landed on what I truly what that offering to look like.

No doubt you've already noticed my website name has changed to simply my actual name, and the online membership is now reframed, rebranded and relaunched as Soul Alchemy. This is because it's my intention for this offering to be a place of alchemy for you and your own personal practice, and by that I mean a place of transformation, a place of growth, a place of healing, a place for you to explore your own evolution with a big emphasis on Yoga philosophy and it's application to our very hectic, modern lives.

The doors to Soul Alchemy are now open and I would be so happy to welcome you into this intimate community of like-minded humans who are all on their own path of transformation.

We open our first Lunar month with our very first LIVE practice on Monday 20th March at 9am, which includes a dedicated Prānāyama practice, an initial dive into our theme of the four elements and an opportunity for you to ask me anything and everything Yoga, lifestyle, breath work, meditation, wellbeing, posture, alignment related!

The thing I'm MOST excited about is the fact we're spending an entire MONTH on each element so we can really explore them in more depth and learn to embody their true nature beyond the limitations of our own perception.

We begin with the element of Fire.

Next week I'll be sharing more about this element, how we'll be exploring it's power and nature, as well as our playlist, the timetable and how you can get your hands on the FREE Soul Alchemy workbook.

See you on the mat soon!

Gyda cariad a cwtch



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