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Happy World Earth Day

The video below was taken precisely two years ago in The Witterings shortly after my 33rd birthday. I didn’t celebrate my 30th properly and so Ive Promised myself to make up for it every year by doing the things I love, and walking along the beach is something I love with all my heart. Sea air is so good for us. Did you know that back in the day if a person was ill they’d be taken to the beach to breathe in the salty air and it would genuinely have an impact on their physical and mental health. considering we’re on lockdown and I don’t live as near to the beach any more I live to watch this video or close my eyes and listen to the waves. I can almost smell that salty sea air

I’ve been leading POP Pilates classes almost everyday at 8am since 21st March over on my private Facebook group and I am loving every minute of it. My Yoga however, has suffered slightly as a result and so I’m committing to practicing at least 3 x each week from now on. I love POP and Yoga in equal measure because they both serve me in different ways; POP makes me happy, it empowers me every morning and I feel stronger everyday; Yoga grounds me, keeps me balanced and strengthens my mental health

Training to teach both of these disciplines is without a doubt the best decision I’ve ever made and I love playing with the two, bringing them together to create my own flows that leave me feeling both empowered and grounded. This is a thank you to all the Yogis and POPsters who’ve inspired me over the last couple of years. I am eternally grateful to each of you for inspiring me on a daily to commit to my dreams

Stay well



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