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Febreathary 2.0

Welcome to Febreathary 2.0 where we take a moment every day for 28 days to Consciously connect to our breath & our body through dedicated prānāyāma practices, mindfulness & movement.

This is the second year I've run Febreathary & the first time I've charged for it. This month is simply about connecting to our breath & Consciously carving out the time every day to show up for ourselves.

Febreathary & The Breathe WELL Membership is not just a 28 day program, it is an ongoing journey of self discovery & this is your invitation to reconnect to yourself, to flow & to evolve.

Here's everything. you need to know about Febreathary 2.0:

  • Daily pre-recorded practices for you to follow in your own sweet time

  • Weekly live Online Circle every Monday to connect to our breath & our intentions for this 28 day journey

  • Weekly Soul Workshop every Sunday to reflect on the week & how we can root down ahead of the new week

  • Each practice is either visual or audio depending on whether its movement based, a workshop, breath work or guided meditation

What's Included:

  • 1 brand new video every day for 28 days

  • Unlimited access to the library of 185+ (& counting!) practices already available

  • Unlimited access to the members only community app

  • Mix of live, pre-recorded video & audio practices

The membership is a rolling monthly contract that you can sign up to & cancel at any time! Members can pay as little as £20 per month with an annual payment plan. Monthly payment plans are also available.

Here's your timetable for Febreathary 2.0 plus a dedicated playlist too:

I can't wait to hold space for you!

See you on the mat



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