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Exploring The Water Element

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

This week we’ve been exploring the water element with a Jala inspired Yoga practice. Jala (water) is our calming & feminine energy; Jala is to Agni 🔥 what Yin is to Yang. Water is the life giver on this earth. Where water flows, life grows. We share a natural affinity with it since it’s where we came from & just like the earth, water makes up around 70% of us.

The goddess, Ganga is the literal personification of one of the most sacred of rivers, The Ganges; embodying purification & wisdom. The Ganges flows through India & most notably, Rishikesh; the home of Yoga. Connected to our Svadisthana (Sacral) Chakra, it represents our sense of joy, happiness, creativity & sensuality. It is our ability to “go with the flow”.

Just like the tide flows back to the ocean before returning to the shore we’re journeying through our own flow in unison with our breath & noticing how the return journey feels different perhaps. Anchoring ourselves to our Ocean (Ujjayi) breath & listening to how it sounds just like the waves crashing against the shore brings about a sense of calm, activating the Vagus Nerve. Flowing through a Jala Namaskar, moving through a Mandala flow & reaching our horizon of Kapotasana (Pigeon) before returning to our own shore of Ocean breath.

The end is the beginning. The beginning is the end.

Expansion & Retraction.

Just like the inhale & just like the tide we expand out to the ocean horizon, & as with our exhale we bring our tide back to the shore. Back to our beginning.

Take a moment today to notice how you move & ask yourself …

  • Do I flow like a river flows to the sea?

  • Am I rigid like ice?

  • Am I bubbling with warmth?

  • Do I feel stagnant & sludgy?

Remember, there is no right or wrong. It's all awareness.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing a Yoga Vinyasa inspired by the water element. The style of Vinyasa lends itself beautifully to a water inspired practice because Vinyasa means "flow", which is precisely what we'll be doing in our practice tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it landing in your inbox. Oh & there won't be only 1 practice this week, but TWO!! Yes, this week I'm treating you to a Power Vinyasa (perfect for when you need to feel awake & energised), & a chilled Restorative inspired Vinyasa (perfect for when you need to slow down & relax). I hope you find both of them helpful in exploring how we can feel the water element within our own bodies & minds.


Here's TWO Yoga practices where we explore the water element...

Vinyasa Yoga (flow)

Powerful Vinyasa Yoga (flow)

Let me know if you give these 2 Jala Namaskar sequences a try as well!

Jala Namaskar

Jala Namaskar inc. baby Wild Thing

Stay Well



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