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Exploring The Shoulder Girdle

Hey welcome back to my blog! Things are slowly beginning to change around here, which you've likely already noticed thanks to my weekly video updates. I really love sharing these updates with you however, like a lot of things it can feel quite overwhelming to try & come up with new stuff to share every week.

I figured it makes sense to share something different each week in terms of content so on the second Monday of each month I'll be sharing a Yoga practice with you, that you can follow along with in your own time.

This week we're exploring the shoulder girdle, which is made up of 3 key bones:

  • Clavicle - Commonly known as the collarbone. The Clavicle attaches to the top of the sternum (breastbone) & the outer edge of the scapula

  • Scapula - Known as the shoulder blade. This flat triangular bone sits atop the ribs (not literally attached to them) & connects to the clavicle & humerus, making our “shoulder”

  • Humerus - Also referred to as the funny bone. The Humerus is your upper arm & attaches to the scapula via the glenohumeral joint (shoulder)

The function of the shoulder girdle is to anchor the upper limbs to the Axial skeleton, which is made up of the head, neck, back & chest. The shoulder is a ball & socket joint that allows for a wide array of movement including:

  • Protraction - Move laterally away from the spine (space between shoulder blades. Forward movement)

  • Retraction - Move medially towards the spine (squeeze shoulder blades together. Backwards movement)

  • Elevation - Move shoulders up towards ears (shrug shoulders)

  • Depression - Draw shoulder blades down spine (shoulders away from the ears)

  • Rotation - move shoulder in circular motions (forwards & backwards)

We explore these movements & the shoulder girdle in more depth in this Yoga practice, which I would love for you to try this week.

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