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Explore The Ether Element With Me

March has been such an interesting month, exploring the elements in our asana (physical) practice & in our final week we draw our awareness to the element of Ether. In Sanskrit this is referred to as Akasha, which translates to space & it is the most subtle of all the elements. In the Celtic tradition the fifth element is referred to as Spirit & it is the element that comes before all others, governing over them. To many though it is simply our ability to connect to a higher power, to spirituality, to intuition.

This element is believed to be connected to our Vishuddha (throat) Chakra, which may seem a little odd since we breathe air to our lungs via our throat. You would be forgiven for automatically thinking the throat Chakra would be connected to the element of air but I try to think of it more as that space that can be filled. Sometimes, I feel the Chakra can complicate things because there's so much we really don't know & so much BS that bears no relevance or relation to Yoga at all. But, if it helps a person to connect with a part of their body or a particular focal point then that can only serve to be a good thing.

In our practice this week we're thinking about Ether in terms of the spaces we create in our body when we breathe, when we make various shapes in our asana (physical) practice & drawing our awareness to the natural spaces in our physical body that we may never have given second thought to, such as the spaces between our toes & our fingers; & getting to know those spaces a little more intimately

Brahmari breath (Humming bee breath) lends itself to this element really quite beautifully because not only does it calm the nervous system but there is a belief that it may resonate the nasal & sinus cavities (spaces).

Come & flow with me through this practice & let's explore these spaces together...

Pair it with this playlist if you like to move to music

Stay Well



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