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One to One & Personalised Practice

We’re all on our own anti-stress & Well-being journey & all need different things to help us out along the way. For me personally that means getting my arse out of bed when the birds start singing, rolling my mat out & powering through a PIIT28 workout, followed by 30 minutes of POP Pilates, 30 minutes Power or Vinyasa Yoga & ending with 20 minutes meditation before taking some time to journal & read my latest book

I’ve been starting my mornings out in this general fashion for around 3 years now & whilst it varies in terms of movement & time spent, the goal is always the same:




This morning ritual has become habit & really helped me manage my mental health & chronic-stress during my corporate career, and I realised why not share that with you in a one to one setting where we can really double down on your needs and I can give you my full, undivided attention?? So that’s what I find! I created this TWO HOUR One to One & Personalised Practice where you’ll be guided towards:

• Clarity on the root cause of your chronic-stress

• Setting your own anti-stress affirmation

• Cultivating a Pranayama practice to call upon when you need it most

• A personalised Yoga flow

• Meditation & self-reflection for improved self-awareness

🎥 I record the whole thing & email it out to you so you always have it to refer back to

🎉 I’m SO EXCITED about this I’ve created an introductory exclusive price of £65 instead of £110 & all you need to do to get it is subscribe to my monthly newsletter, The WELL News. Already subscribed? You’ll get all the details in next month’s edition on 1st March so keep your eyes peeled!

I have just 8 spaces available for March!

click here to book your space now

Stay Well



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