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Blwyddyn Newydd Dda (Happy New Year)

I hope you all saw the new year in with your loved ones. I'm not going to make this blog post about how we've all overcome stuff in 2020 because quite frankly, everyone's doing that and I'm sure, like me, you've already read a tonne of emails saying pretty much the same thing

Instead I'm going to share some stats with you regarding chronic-stress & why I am on a mission to empower the reported 500, 000 Brits living with this. Did you know...

~ Chronic-stress is the single leading cause of work-related absence in the UK

~ In 2020 79% of UK adults in employment commonly experience work-related stress. This is up 20% on 2018

~ Work-related office politics are the number 1 cause of this stress

These stats are interesting because whilst a lot of us have been forced to work from home, we'd be forgiven for thinking that stress would have been reduced but unfortunately, if anything, it's created more stress as the lines between work and home become increasingly blurred

What can we do to manage this for ourselves? I have committed to moving every day. This is something I commit to every year for the last 7 years & every year my habit becomes more and more cemented because my why is all about managing my mental health over my physical health. That's not to say physical health isn't important but for me personally, I had to make it about my mental wellbeing rather than what my body looks like

This year I invite you to join me in this commitment by doing one of the following:

1. Joining my totally FREE January #pilateseverydamnday challenge

2. Joining one of my weekly live POP Pilates classes or Yoga flows via Zoom

The January calendar is below so make sure you save it to your favourites. Then head over to my YouTube channel & subscribe so you can move with me every damn day. Each video is 15 minutes or less so it is super easy to add into your day, and by the end of each week you'll essentially have a complete full body Pilates workout sash that you can use whenever you feel like! How amazing is that?

Make sure to tag me in your progress pics & stories, and by progress I don't mean before & after pics, I'm not about that life, instead share with me how you FEEL in your mind & your body. I'll be doing the same so let's celebrate that progress together! The hashtags are below, remember to use them so I can see you



If you want to start this challenge a day early with me then it would mean the world to me if you joined my Patreon. The calendar is there already & the first video goes live tomorrow. I have one tier at the moment because Patreon is SO NEW to me & I want to keep it super simple by making sure all my patrons get full access to my resources 24-48 hours before they go live everywhere else


Every week in January (thanks to Zoom) I'll be taking you through 4 Warrior inspired Yoga flows & 1 super uplifting POP Pilates workout. I am SO EXCITED for this because every Monday & Wednesday morning we're going to flow through the different Warrior asana (poses), whilst also cultivating our Victorious (Ujjayi) breath

Every Warrior needs their rest, which is why I'm guiding you through a super chilled bedtime Yoga flow on Friday & Sunday night. As always you'll want to do this from your bed, in your comfiest pajamas with the lights off so you can slip into a blissful night's sleep. What a way to start and end the weekend eh?!

Click the timetable below to book now, and remember your first class is free with the code "Well100" & your second class is half price with the code "Well50". Another new offering I'm excited about is my compassionate pricing for BIPOC on all paid for resources. Just reply to this email or DM me over on Instagram so we can have a chat

Until next time

Stay Well



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