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Second Super New Moon in Aries

Saturday 25th March 2023

1pm - 3pm

Wagtail Coffee & Yoga, Chichester, PO19 7BD

What To Expect:

March sees our first New Moon of the Astrological New Year, in trailblazing Aries who delvers a much needed burst of momentum to you personal projects & passions. Give yourself the permission you need to fire on all cylinders. The time for day dreaming is over. THIS is the time for ACTION (inspired action that is!), because a month from now with our second New Moon in Aries (also a potent Solar Eclipse!!) promises high yields for action started on this day.

Not only that but the moon meets up with Mercury later on that day, which means it's the perfect time to communicate your big ideas with your biggest cheerleaders, that includes US!!!



We'll begin by opening our Circle with Palo Santo (Holy Wood). Native to Ecuador, its use reportedly dates back to the Inca era for its spiritual & purifying properties.

Allow yourself let go of any stagnant energy still lingering from the last Astrological year before drawing in new energies.



Be guided through Nadi Shodhana, a balancing prānāyama practice that brings equilibrium to Ida & Pingala Nadi (energy channels).


We'll then flow through a Mandala Yoga Vinyasa to restore harmony to your body, mind & soul.

Candle in Hands


It's time to release the things no longer serving you. Be that a person, a situation or experience, a belief system or judgement you may have. We'll be doing this through candle magick, together. There's never pressure to share unless you feel completely comfortable doing so. Know that when you do you hold space for others to reciprocate



Enjoy a warming cuppa on us while you journal what came up for you during the releasing ritual. Feel free to bring your favourite journal along for this one or simply use the guided journal prompts provided by us.


Set your intentions for the New Astrological Year & consider the ways in which you see yourself realising those dreams.



Surrender into relaxation with a guided Meditation as you release the things no longer serving you.

Give into the soothing sounds of Crystal Quartz & Koshi chimes as you welcome in new energy



Be part of something bigger than yourself. connect with a community of like-minded women who share a commonality in self-care, holding space for others & uplifting the women around them.

For the first time ever we've created a 2 person pass so you can bring along your bestie, fellow wild woman or beloved sister to experience this afternoon with you & save £15 at the checkout!

The Venue

Wagtail Coffee & Yoga

Wagtail Coffee & yoga is located in the centre of Chichester City, adjacent to Brasserie Blanc & next door to Carluccio's in Church Square. There is PAYG parking just behind Brasserie Blanc in the New Park Road Car Park, which can be paid for by using one of the PAYG machines, all of which are contactless & accept cash. Or you can pay using the MiPermit app. The code for which is 711006.

Wagtail Coffee & Yoga is easy to find & is well connected to public transport. Please use the map below for directions.

Venue Address:

Wagtail Coffee & Yoga, Gordon House, 1C-1D, Church Square, Chichester, PO19 7BD


Samantha Hale & Jodie Moakes

Hi, we're Sam & Jodie, Founders of Lunar Sorority here in Chichester & we're so happy to invite you to our first Circle of 2023.


Samantha is a Beauty Therapist turned Barre, Pilates & Yoga teacher, offering online & in-person practices with a clear focus on breathing, Awareness & Philosophy. Founder of Soul Alchemy, you can find out more about her HERE.

Jodie is Founder of Suka Hati Healing (Suka Hati means Happy Heart). She is a Master Reiki Practitioner who specialises in Rahanni healing, EFT &helping others to find their inner voice, confidence & conviction. Discover more about Jodie & Suka Hati HERE.




What's Included:


We always open our Circles with a catch up before moving into our flow.


A new Lunar cycle with a Super New Moon makes this the perfect time for sealing those intentions since everything becomes amplified.


With breath work, intuitive movement, guided meditation & soothing sounds to help you feel utterly calm, centred & connected.


Enjoy a delicious herbal tea as you set your intentions for the new Astrological year & journal out what came up for you during the releasing ritual.

Book Your Space Now

Please note there are only 10 spaces available for March's Lunar Sorority. Book now to secure your space!

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