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Meditating in Nature



Give yourself time each day to breathe

Breathwork | Yoga | Mindfulness

Live & on-demand | 1 x daily practice 

Online Community

Unlock the transformative power of your breath (prānāyama) & explore the different ways it can improve your mental health, focus & calm through movement, mindfulness & community.


Learn how our breath holds the key to our own greatness & explore the many techniques you can use in times of stress, anxiety, worry to bring you ack down to earth safely. Explore & understand for yourself how breath can also be used during timers of joy, happiness & calm.


Invest your time, focus & energy. Commit & watch your life transform. Give me 28 days & I'll give you a whole new perspective.

Are you friends with your breath or are you in a constant battle with it?

Have you ever given your breath much thought? You might be thinking that's a strange question to ask because breathing is such an unconscious & passive thing we do every moment of ever day & yet so many of us struggle to catch our breath when we need to. So many of us hold our breath without even realising & so many of us experience fear around not being able to breathe "properly" or "fully".

Why is this?

The answer is actually really simple & it's ultimately because of the way we live our lives & how we navigate through this overwhelming & often stressful world. It's really not as simple as "Just breathing" for a lot of us & I know that feeling far too well. I've experienced such shallow breath that it felt so easy & comfortable to just stop. I wasn't afraid of the consequences of not breathing because my breath was already so shallow, it felt almost non-existent anyway. By contrast, I've come to experience a lung capacity I never knew I had within me; depths of breath that feel so nourishing, so calming, so grounding & so necessary that I'll never take my breath for granted.

I want YOU to experience depth in your breath. This is why I created Febreathary. Because it is my intention for you to cultivate a relationship, a friendship with your breath again. To unlock its transformative power & to harness this power for yourself in any given situation where you may normally find yourself fighting it.

Kundalini Yoga Breathing


With a daily pre-recorded breath work (prānāyama) practice, plus breath work combines with meditation & movement, you'll discover the alchemic power of your own breath. This means you'll be better equipped to deal with stressful & anxiety inducing situations with more self compassion & grace. It is my intention that you will feel more empowered by your own capacity to breathe with ease.

Yoga in the Garden


Every Thursday I'll guide you through a pre-recorded Yoga practice where we connect to our breath & anchor. We'll move intuitively through a series of shapes, guided by our breath & how it feels in our body as we move. Deepening our connection to our vital life0force (prānāyama) we'll move & breathe with intention, kindness & grace, becoming Conscious of it's nuances & unique patterns so that we can re-acquaint ourselves with the messages our breath is trying to communicate to us.



Combining breath work with guided meditation for a sense of calm, inner knowing & divine wisdom. Every Friday & Saturday I'll guide you through combined breath work & meditation with each practice ranging from 5 minutes to 40 minutes so you will be able to see a clear progression in your meditation practice. 



Every Sunday I'll guide you through a pre-recorded Soul Workshop where we take the time to journal & be present with our thoughts, beliefs & judgements. Often the very thing holding us back is our self-limiting beliefs around what we think we can & can't do. We cannot grow until we face these aspects of ourselves. Some may call this shadow work, others may call it doing the work. At the end of the day it's all about facing our fears, our guilt, shame & judgements, & beginning to unpack them so we can create Awareness & learn to move through them.

Online Yoga


A weekly fixture in the Breathe WELL Membership is our weekly live Online Circle where we come together to explore the philosophies in greater depth. This is an interactive & safe space where sharing is actively encouraged but not expected. It's an opportunity for us to check in with one another, share what's been coming up for us & hold space for one another. We take the time to pause, find stillness & connect to our breath every Monday to set the tone for the rest of the week. Can't catch the live? No worries, the replay will be available within 24 hours!

Yoga Mat


Throughout Febreathary there are 23 pre-recorded practices for you to follow along with. After each practice I encourage you to take the time to journal what came up for you. What were you Consciously Aware of? You'll receive a workbook to use during Febreathary, which you can print or simply use the prompts & questions in your own journal. 

What's Included:

  • Weekly live Online Circle every Monday including:

    • Opening Circle on Wednesday 1st February at 9am​ - This will include a breath Awareness practice

    • Closing Circle on Tuesday 28th February at 9am - This will include a guided Yoga practice

  • Pre-recorded practice every Tuesday - Sunday including:

    • 7 x dedicated breath work (prānāyama) practices​

    • 4 x Yoga (asana) & breath work (prānāyama) practices

    • 8 x mindfulness (meditation & Yoga Nidrā) practices including breath work (prānāyama)

    • 4 x dedicated Soul Workshop

  • Unlimited access to the membership library of 145+ videos for the whole month

  • Unlimited access to the members app for the whole month

All for just £24

The price increases to £64 on Sunday 5th February 2023!

This Online Programme Is For You If ...

  • You've been practicing Yoga for a while & are looking to deepen your knowledge.

  • You're a complete beginner to Yoga & really have no idea where to start.

  • You've been struggling to breathe with ease & really feel disconnected to your breath.

  • You're an existing member & you're thinking "Hey I want a piece of that cake!", well you're already enrolled my friend! 


Samantha Hale

Hi there Yoga friend!

I'm Samantha & I'm beyond excited to invite you to join me for Febreathary 2.0! 2020 saw me run the very first Febreathary & my intention was to share 1 free breathing practice every day for the whole month but we recently lost our beautiful French Bulldog, Piglet & I just didn't have it in me to show up every day in front of the camera. So instead, I told myself I'd show up once a week & try again next year. I managed it, I showed up & honestly it was mostly for myself but I'm glad I did it because I was able to share what was personal for me at that time, which was loss, grief & sadness.


You can check out Febreathary 1.0 here

I'm an ex-Beauty Therapist turned Barre, Pilates & Yoga teacher based on the South Coast of England. The Breathe WELL Membership is truly a passion project of mine that is ever-evolving & will go through it's biggest transformation between January & April 2023, with Febreathary being a small part of that.

I specialise in breath work, intuitive movement & mindfulness practices that allow me to weave in the philosophical teachings of Yoga as well as my own experience in massage, Holistic therapies & Aromatherapy to create a memorable sensory experience.

I would absolutely LOVE for you to join me on this journey & I'd be honoured to hold space for you during Febreathary 2.0

IMG_3707 2_edited.jpg


Future you will thank you for it!

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