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Start the year by putting yourself first!

Breathwork | Yoga | Mindfulness

Live & on-demand | 1 x daily practice 

Online Community

Reconnect to your body through movement (asana), feeling & flowing from within with a variety of flows from soothing & grounding to strong & empowering. 


Unlock the transformative power of your breath (prānāyama) & explore the different ways it can improve your mental health, focus & calm.


Learn how to build & deepen your personal meditation practice & connect to your inner wisdom with 5 recordings progressing from 5 to 30 mins.


Exploring key philosophies of Yoga, you'll be guided towards self reflection & journalling, exploring how to take your Yoga practice off the mat & into your life.


Invest your time, focus & energy. Commit & watch your life transform. Give me 31 days & I'll give you a whole new perspective.

Have you fallen to the bottom of your own priority list this year?

It's so easy these days to let this happen & trust me I get it! You know I used to think my so-called work life balance was a little off until that very first lockdown of 2020 & I was forced to face up to the fact that there was quite literally no balance at all!

I remember starting 2020 as I start every year; a quiet New Years Eve alone (my husband was working) creating my vision board for the year ahead & writing down all the things I wanted to achieve, promising myself that this year would be different.


Had lockdown never happened, I seriously doubt I would've kept any of those promises. But I did stick to one; wake up a little earlier each morning before leaving for work to breathe, move my body & meditate so that I felt a little more in control of my day. It actually worked.


I managed to cultivate a feeling of control every time I made the effort to get up that little bit earlier & I began to add in more habits like journalling, taking the dogs for extra walks before the world woke up, which then led to making healthier food choices & getting back into cooking.

Kundalini Yoga Breathing


With 6 pre-recorded breath work (prānāyama) practices you'll discover the alchemic power of your own breath & learn how to draw on this power during times of stress, anxiety & worry. You'll be better equipped to deal with such situations & ultimately feel more empowered by your own capacity to breathe with ease.

Yoga in the Garden


If you've practiced Yoga with me before then you'll know how much I love to weave the philosophies into what I teach, & that's because there is SO MUCH more magic to Yoga than just the physical! Many of us come to Yoga for the physical & we end up staying for all the extra magic we discover along the way. Over the next 31 days we'll practice 11 times together whilst exploring the 8 limbs as outlined by Patanjali.

Online Meditation


We'll explore the concept of mindfulness through Meditation & Yoga Nidrā (no, the two are not one & the same). With 4 pre-recorded practices ranging in length from 5 minutes to 30 minutes you'll see a clear progression in your own ability to meditate under guidance over the course of the next 31 days. My only advice? Approach it with zero expectation & acceptance that whatever happens, happens.



The 8 limbs of Yoga as outlined by Patanjali are a wonderful starting point for everyone looking to deepen their personal & spiritual practice. With one practice every day ranging from 15 minutes to a whole hour, you'll be able to explore what this means for you thanks, not only to the breath work, movement & meditation, but to the 4 additional workshops where we dive into the philosophy together & discover how to infuse the wisdom & teachings into our lives both on & off the mat.

Online Yoga


A fixture in the Breathe WELL Membership is our weekly live Online Circle where we come together to explore the philosophies in greater depth. This is an interactive & safe space where sharing is actively encouraged but not expected. It's an opportunity for us to check in with one another, share what's been coming up for us & hold space for one another. We take the time to pause, find stillness & connect to our breath every Monday to set the tone for the rest of the week. Can't catch the live? No worries, the replay will be available within 24 hours!

Yoga Mat


With 26 pre-recorded practices exploring the 8 limbed path in more depth through a variety of techniques including breath work, movement & mindfulness you'll be able to watch yourself grow & progress on this 31 day journey. All our live Online Circles will be recorded & made available within 24 hours as well. You have full & unlimited access for the whole of January so if you miss a practice you can catch up in your own time.

What's Included:

  • Weekly live Online Circle every Monday including:

    • Opening Circle on Monday 2nd January at 9am​

    • Closing Circle on Tuesday 31st January at 9am

  • Pre-recorded practice every Tuesday - Sunday including:

    • 1 x intro & prep video

    • 4 x breath work (prānāyama) practices​

    • 11 x Yoga (asana) practices

    • 5 x mindfulness (meditation & Yoga Nidrā) practices

    • 4 x philosophy workshops

  • Unlimited access to the membership library of 130+ videos for the whole month

  • Unlimited access to the members app for the whole month

All for just £24

This Online Programme Is For You If ...

  • You've been practicing Yoga for a while & are looking to deepen your knowledge.

  • You're a complete beginner to Yoga & really have no idea where to start.

  • You've been practicing Yoga with me for a while & you want even more philosophy weaved into your daily practice.

  • You're an existing member & you're thinking "Hey I want a piece of that cake!", well you're already enrolled my friend! 


Samantha Hale

Hi there Yoga friend!

I'm Samantha & I'm beyond excited to invite you to join me for our very first 31 day online programme; 31 Days of Yoga! The whole point of this is to help you set & commit to self-care habits that ultimately are about you showing up for yourself in a way that perhaps you never thought you could. 

I'm an ex-Beauty Therapist turned Barre, Pilates & Yoga teacher based on the South Coast of England. I teach in-person in Southsea, Havant & Chichester as well as online Yoga via the Breathe WELL Membership. 

I specialise in breath work, intuitive movement & mindfulness practices that allow me to weave in the philosophical teachings of Yoga as well as my own experience in massage, Holistic therapies & Aromatherapy to create a memorable sensory experience.

I would absolutely LOVE for you to join me on this journey & I'd be honoured to hold space for you during this 31 day online programme.



Future you will thank you for it!

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